• Manual Enter Recipient Numbers
  • Import Contact file in .xlxs and .txt format.
  • Single Short Execution Mode in which you can Send to all contact list with single click.
  • One by One Contact Process Mode by which SMS send after specific time and specific number of Contacts.
  • Send unique or personalized SMS to every Contact using Excel.
  • Save all sent SMS in Mobile.
  • Save sent SMS to Templates.
  • Non English (uni code) characters support.
  • Skip Duplicate Numbers Option.
  • Supported Devices includes Android Technology Based Mobile Phone, GSM Technology Based Mobile Phone, and Microsoft windows Based Mobile Phone.
  • Connects to Your Cloud Platform of Choice

    Just a few popular platforms we integrate with

    The AIMS Use Case

    How One Client Used Our Product AIMS to Power Their Business

    7 Sources

    7 legacy data systems ingested into one source - including Point‑of‑Sale, Merchandising, Marketing, E⁠-⁠Commerce, CRM, Loyalty, In-Store (IOT)

    +36 Months

    +36 months of data saved across multiple tables and geographies.

    45% Time Savings

    45% estimated time savings over three years compared to a traditional manual methods.